自動線圈整形機-精整機Tertiary Forming Machine

主要特性 / Main Feature

  1. 本機為第三次入線整型。
  2. 產品內外線圈同時整型,整型尺寸穩定。產品整形後外觀整齊,美觀,不傷線圈。
  3. 此機械動作採用油壓,氣壓及PLC控制。
  4. 操作介面使用觸控式螢幕操作,設定簡易。
  5. 機械上配有油溫冷卻機,可將油溫溫度控制在所要求範圍內。
  6. 定子盤採用滑軌式,安全性高,產品取放容易。
  7. 定子盤上裝有絕緣紙保護插銷,確保在整形過程中不會傷到絕緣紙,可降低漏電危機。
  8. 工作檯面兩側安裝紅外線對照系統,確保操作人員安全。
  9. 機身外罩採用鋁合金鋼架及強化壓克力組合,外觀美,易保養。
  1. Tertiary forming process for coil.
  2. Forming both inner & outside coil at one time; in regular forming shape. Perfect forming quality, regular shape; excellent forming looking. Especially, no damage on coils during processing.
  3. This machine has controlled by hydraulic system, pneumatic system and PLC programme.
  4. Operating by touch screen monitor, Easy to set up parameters.
  5. Equipped with chiller to control the lubricant temperature to meet requirement.
  6. Stator plate can move back and forth in high safety. Easy to load / unload the part.
  7. Installed insulation paper protector to make sure no damage on insulation paper during forming process. Reducing crisis on electricity leakining during processing.
  8. Infrared Ray on both sides of working table to protect operator's safety during processing.
  9. Excellent machine guard design with strengthen acrylic and aluminium alloy guard frame. Good looking and easy to maintenance.
電源:三相 380V
Power supply: 3Phase 380V
Machine weight:1150kgs
Machine volume(LxWxH): 1700x1470x2950mm